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About Tantra

Level 2 Tibetan Tantra CertificationWhat is Authentic Tantra

Authentic Tantra – we have an unbroken lineage of 2600 years of Tibetan  teacher to student oral tradition in the teaching of the 5 element meditations.  Through the practice, you achieve liberation through expansion and increased awareness by being present with a relaxed focus.

Along with the 5 element teaching, you learn sutras and the 5 element practices that will enhance your relationships, both sexually and non-sexually. The movement, connection and pleasure practices help you ground yourself and will give you a whole new appreciation of the marvelous body you inhabit. All your relationships become deeper and more satisfying when you make Tantra a regular part of your life.

Whether in solo or partner practice, Tantra uses meditation, movement, pleasure and connection to create a “beingness” that infuses all areas of your life with joy and healing. It allows for growth, communication, sexual pleasure and enlightenment that is far beyond what is available in conventional relationships. Often, people begin Tantra with the idea that the sutras will improve the pleasure in their sex life, and it will. However, many find a spiritual component that makes conventional sex seem less than satisfactory.

What if I Don’t Have a Partner

As a single person, the Tantric practices awaken your sensuality and connection with your body, allowing you to walk more confidently in the world. You become magnetic and your spirit radiates from you in a compassionate and loving way. The OAP practice allows you experience pleasure far beyond what you might expect as a solo practitioner.