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The Alchemy of Tantra and Sexual Healing

 The Alchemy of Tantra and Sexual Healing

Do you wish for more intimacy in your relationship? Do you just have sex rather than making love? Tantric training peels away layers of limiting beliefs and allows for deeper connection and more intimacy and pleasure with your partner.

Social and Religious Conditioning

We all need healing around the social and religious conditioning we have experienced. You may disagree with that statement. However, if you have any body shame, shame around your sexuality, an inability to verbalize your desires during lovemaking, even an inability to be vulnerable, you may want to explore beliefs you hold around what it is to be a sexual and erotic being.

I have spoken to many people in relationships, married and unattached, and often they are unsatisfied with the level of intimacy in their lives. As a single person, Tantra offers the opportunity for both women and men to learn more about how your body responds to stimulation. You cannot practice Tantra as a couple if you are unaware of your body’s capabilities for pleasure.

Can Tantra Bring You Closer to God/Universe/Source?

I think our culture equates sex with sinful nature rather than lovemaking. Let’s face it porn is so prevalent in our society that it has polluted the definition of sex. When you are truly connected with and appreciating the person you are making love to, you can experience a transcending of time and space. That is what stimulated my interest in Tantra. I wanted that feeling of connection or oneness with my partner and with God/Universe/Source. If you have never experienced that, you are missing the most divine intimacy. I actually prefer the term making love rather than sex because of the negative connotation it has in many religions/societies. It sounds more inclusive and about sharing pleasure rather than taking. This is why I dislike “friends with benefits”. The act of disconnected sex, to me, feels superficial, when Tantra can touch you emotionally and spiritually as well as give you far more enjoyment and physical ecstacy.

This is precisely why Tantra is such a healing modality. If you are interested in learning more, send me a message.

Dale is a certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner and Healer specializing in 5 Element Tibetan Tantra meditations of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage.
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