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100 Days of Consciousness Project – Tantric Meditation

Tantric Meditation

Many people want the benefits of Tantra but find, consistently, scheduling a time to practice Tantric Meditation difficult. As one of the four pillars of  Authentic Tantra, you develop focus, gain mastery over your emotions, and heal blocks in your energy body. Some Tantric Masters learn to control their autonomic nervous system.

100 Days of Consciousness Project

The concept for 100 Days of Consciousness Project was borrowed from Kyle Cease who did a brilliant 100 Day Self-Connection Experiment. It seemed like a good way to let you see how Tantric Meditation can create a new reality for you.

Tibetan Tantra 5 Element Meditation

5 Element Meditations have been passed down for 2600 years, orally, teacher to student. They are a fundamental practice in Authentic Tanta. They weave sight and sound with form through visualization of specific shapes and colors, along with sound or mantras.

Authentic Tantra

When sutras are used sexually, you can focus your mind on your chakras and or your partner’s chakras and it creates a union of bliss.

Beginning to Meditate

Tantric MeditationThe transcendental meditation class I took over 40 years years ago, was one of the hardest practices for me to master. I could not visualize or stop the mental chatter, however, I persisted. I took the class was because I was being harassed at work and was ready to quit a very lucrative job. TM was my last resort. Once it became a habit, 20 min in the morning and 20 minutes at night, the benefits were beyond belief. My stress level reduced to nothing. Within a month of daily practice, the man who was my nemesis became inconsequential.

Please, follow along and share any thoughts or questions you have, especially if you have your own meditation practice.

With Love and Much Appreciation

Dale Kathryn

The 100 Days of Consciousness Project